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geos::geom::MultiPoint Class Reference

Models a collection of Point objects. More...

#include <geos.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::geom::MultiPoint:

geos::geom::GeometryCollection geos::geom::Geometry List of all members.

Public Member Functions

Dimension::DimensionType getDimension () const
 Returns point dimension (0).
int getBoundaryDimension () const
 Returns Dimension::False (Point has no boundary).
GeometrygetBoundary () const
 Gets the boundary of this geometry.
std::string getGeometryType () const
 Return a string representation of this Geometry type.
virtual GeometryTypeId getGeometryTypeId () const
 Return an integer representation of this Geometry type.
bool equalsExact (const Geometry *other, double tolerance=0) const
 Returns true if the two Geometrys are exactly equal, up to a specified tolerance.
Geometryclone () const

Protected Member Functions

 MultiPoint (std::vector< Geometry * > *newPoints, const GeometryFactory *newFactory)
 Constructs a MultiPoint.
 MultiPoint (const MultiPoint &mp)
const CoordinategetCoordinateN (int n) const


class GeometryFactory

Detailed Description

Models a collection of Point objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geos::geom::MultiPoint::MultiPoint std::vector< Geometry * > *  newPoints,
const GeometryFactory newFactory

Constructs a MultiPoint.

newPoints the Points for this MultiPoint, or null or an empty array to create the empty geometry. Elements may be empty Points, but not nulls.
Constructed object will take ownership of the vector and its elements.

newFactory The GeometryFactory used to create this geometry Caller must keep the factory alive for the life-time of the constructed MultiPoint.

Member Function Documentation

Geometry* geos::geom::MultiPoint::clone  )  const [inline, virtual]

Creates and returns a full copy of this GeometryCollection object. (including all coordinates contained by it).

a clone of this instance

Reimplemented from geos::geom::GeometryCollection.

Geometry* geos::geom::MultiPoint::getBoundary  )  const [virtual]

Gets the boundary of this geometry.

Zero-dimensional geometries have no boundary by definition, so an empty GeometryCollection is returned.

an empty GeometryCollection
See also:

Reimplemented from geos::geom::GeometryCollection.

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