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geos::geom::util::CoordinateOperation Class Reference

#include <CoordinateOperation.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::geom::util::CoordinateOperation:

geos::geom::util::GeometryEditorOperation List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual Geometryedit (const Geometry *geometry, const GeometryFactory *factory)
virtual CoordinateSequenceedit (const CoordinateSequence *coordinates, const Geometry *geometry)=0

Detailed Description

A GeometryEditorOperation which modifies the coordinate list of a Geometry. Operates on Geometry subclasses which contains a single coordinate list.

Member Function Documentation

virtual CoordinateSequence* geos::geom::util::CoordinateOperation::edit const CoordinateSequence coordinates,
const Geometry geometry
[pure virtual]

Edits the array of Coordinate from a Geometry.

coordinates the coordinate array to operate on
geometry the geometry containing the coordinate list
an edited coordinate array (which may be the same as the input)

virtual Geometry* geos::geom::util::CoordinateOperation::edit const Geometry geometry,
const GeometryFactory factory

Return a newly created geometry, ownership to caller

Implements geos::geom::util::GeometryEditorOperation.

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