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geos::index::quadtree::Node Class Reference

Represents a node of a Quadtree. More...

#include <Node.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::index::quadtree::Node:

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Public Member Functions

 Node (std::auto_ptr< geom::Envelope > nenv, int nlevel)
geom::EnvelopegetEnvelope ()
NodegetNode (const geom::Envelope *searchEnv)
 Returns the subquad containing the envelope. Creates the subquad if it does not already exist.
NodeBasefind (const geom::Envelope *searchEnv)
 Returns the smallest existing node containing the envelope.
void insertNode (std::auto_ptr< Node > node)
std::string toString () const

Static Public Member Functions

static std::auto_ptr< NodecreateNode (const geom::Envelope &env)
static std::auto_ptr< NodecreateExpanded (std::auto_ptr< Node > node, const geom::Envelope &addEnv)
 Create a node containing the given node and envelope.

Protected Member Functions

bool isSearchMatch (const geom::Envelope &searchEnv) const

Detailed Description

Represents a node of a Quadtree.

Nodes contain items which have a spatial extent corresponding to the node's position in the quadtree.

Member Function Documentation

static std::auto_ptr<Node> geos::index::quadtree::Node::createExpanded std::auto_ptr< Node node,
const geom::Envelope addEnv

Create a node containing the given node and envelope.

node if not null, will be inserted to the returned node
addEnv minimum envelope to use for the node

geom::Envelope* geos::index::quadtree::Node::getEnvelope  )  [inline]

Return Envelope associated with this node ownership retained by this object

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