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geos::io::WKTWriter Class Reference

Outputs the textual representation of a Geometry. See also WKTReader. More...

#include <geos.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

std::string write (const geom::Geometry *geometry)
 Returns WKT string for the given Geometry.
void write (const geom::Geometry *geometry, Writer *writer)
std::string writeFormatted (const geom::Geometry *geometry)
void writeFormatted (const geom::Geometry *geometry, Writer *writer)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string toLineString (const geom::CoordinateSequence &seq)
static std::string toLineString (const geom::Coordinate &p0, const geom::Coordinate &p1)
static std::string toPoint (const geom::Coordinate &p0)

Protected Member Functions

void appendGeometryTaggedText (const geom::Geometry *geometry, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendPointTaggedText (const geom::Coordinate *coordinate, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendLineStringTaggedText (const geom::LineString *lineString, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendLinearRingTaggedText (const geom::LinearRing *lineString, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendPolygonTaggedText (const geom::Polygon *polygon, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPointTaggedText (const geom::MultiPoint *multipoint, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiLineStringTaggedText (const geom::MultiLineString *multiLineString, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPolygonTaggedText (const geom::MultiPolygon *multiPolygon, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendGeometryCollectionTaggedText (const geom::GeometryCollection *geometryCollection, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendPointText (const geom::Coordinate *coordinate, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendCoordinate (const geom::Coordinate *coordinate, Writer *writer)
std::string writeNumber (double d)
void appendLineStringText (const geom::LineString *lineString, int level, bool doIndent, Writer *writer)
void appendPolygonText (const geom::Polygon *polygon, int level, bool indentFirst, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPointText (const geom::MultiPoint *multiPoint, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiLineStringText (const geom::MultiLineString *multiLineString, int level, bool indentFirst, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPolygonText (const geom::MultiPolygon *multiPolygon, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendGeometryCollectionText (const geom::GeometryCollection *geometryCollection, int level, Writer *writer)

Protected Attributes

std::string formatter

Detailed Description

Outputs the textual representation of a Geometry. See also WKTReader.

The WKTWriter outputs coordinates rounded to the precision model. No more than the maximum number of necessary decimal places will be output.

The Well-known Text format is defined in the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for SQL.

A non-standard "LINEARRING" tag is used for LinearRings. The WKT spec does not define a special tag for LinearRings. The standard tag to use is "LINESTRING".

See WKTReader for parsing.

Member Function Documentation

static std::string geos::io::WKTWriter::toLineString const geom::Coordinate p0,
const geom::Coordinate p1

Generates the WKT for a 2-point LineString.

p0 the first coordinate
p1 the second coordinate
the WKT

static std::string geos::io::WKTWriter::toLineString const geom::CoordinateSequence seq  )  [static]

Generates the WKT for a N-point LineString.

seq the sequence to outpout
the WKT

static std::string geos::io::WKTWriter::toPoint const geom::Coordinate p0  )  [static]

Generates the WKT for a Point.

p0 the point coordinate
the WKT

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