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geos::noding::snapround::HotPixel Class Reference

Implements a "hot pixel" as used in the Snap Rounding algorithm. More...

#include <HotPixel.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HotPixel (const geom::Coordinate &pt, double scaleFact, algorithm::LineIntersector &li)
const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate () const
 Return reference to original Coordinate (the one provided at construction time).
const geom::EnvelopegetSafeEnvelope () const
 Returns a "safe" envelope that is guaranteed to contain the hot pixel. Keeps ownership of it.
bool intersectsScaled (const geom::Coordinate &p0, const geom::Coordinate &p1) const
bool intersects (const geom::Coordinate &p0, const geom::Coordinate &p1) const
bool addSnappedNode (NodedSegmentString &segStr, size_t segIndex)

Detailed Description

Implements a "hot pixel" as used in the Snap Rounding algorithm.

A hot pixel contains the interior of the tolerance square and the boundary minus the top and right segments.

The hot pixel operations are all computed in the integer domain to avoid rounding problems.

Member Function Documentation

bool geos::noding::snapround::HotPixel::addSnappedNode NodedSegmentString segStr,
size_t  segIndex

Adds a new node (equal to the snap pt) to the specified segment if the segment passes through the hot pixel

true if a node was added to the segment

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