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geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeDirectedEdge Class Reference

A planargraph::DirectedEdge of a LineMergeGraph. More...

#include <LineMergeDirectedEdge.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeDirectedEdge:

geos::planargraph::DirectedEdge geos::planargraph::GraphComponent List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 LineMergeDirectedEdge (planargraph::Node *from, planargraph::Node *to, const geom::Coordinate &directionPt, bool edgeDirection)
LineMergeDirectedEdgegetNext ()

Detailed Description

A planargraph::DirectedEdge of a LineMergeGraph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeDirectedEdge::LineMergeDirectedEdge planargraph::Node from,
planargraph::Node to,
const geom::Coordinate directionPt,
bool  edgeDirection

Constructs a LineMergeDirectedEdge connecting the from node to the to node.

directionPt specifies this DirectedEdge's direction (given by an imaginary line from the from node to directionPt)
edgeDirection whether this DirectedEdge's direction is the same as or opposite to that of the parent Edge (if any)

Member Function Documentation

LineMergeDirectedEdge* geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeDirectedEdge::getNext  ) 

Returns the directed edge that starts at this directed edge's end point, or null if there are zero or multiple directed edges starting there.


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